LENsemble [Lithuanian Ensemble Network]

LENsemble [Lithuanian Ensemble Network]

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2018, 11-13 January, “New Music Challenges 18” at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Vilnius
Lithuanian Ensemble Network is an ensemble in residence at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2018 and together with the department of composition starts a new festival for contemporary music.

2018 January 11-13 2018, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius

January 11

18:00. John Cage - a portrait
19:30. Improvisation
21:00. Electroacoustic music

January 12

18:00. Works of the composition students 1
19:30. Works of the composition students 2

January 13

19:00. LENsemble & Centre Henri Pousseur
Works of Stéphane Orlando, Guillaume Auvray, Vykintas Baltakas, Ignas Krunglevičius, Monika Sokaitė and Albertas Navickas

21:00. Electroacoustic music

Ensemble of contemporary music of the LMTA, LENsemble, Centre Henri Pousseur
Vykintas Baltakas, cond.
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2017, 17 December, Flagey Brussels
Festival Image Sonore
"Musique et technologie”
17/12/2017 | Flagey, Place Sainte Croix, 1050 Brussels

VYKINTAS BALTAKAS - Music of Falling Sounds for violin and electronics (2015)
IGNAS KRUNGLEVIČIUS - The Knight for bass clarinet, cello and video (2009)
CÉDRIC DAMBRAIN - Pure, for cello and electronics (2004)

RIMAS SAKALAUSKAS - Bipolar (2015), music by Mykolas Natalevicius (installation in Studio 2)

OSVALDAS BALAKAUSKAS - Rain for Cracow for violin and piano (1991)
MONIKA SOKAITĖ - 1 6/9 (*world creation)
VYKINTAS BALTAKAS - Pasaka for piano and electronics (1995-1997)
ALBERTAS NAVICKAS - Accidental for violin, piano, video and electronics (2011)
GUILLAUME AUVRAY - Corpuscules for cello, piano and electronics (2015)
VYKINTAS BALTAKAS - Commentum for cello and piano (2011)
Stéphane Orlando, Simply Humain & Black Panthers (*world creation) for ensemble

Lithuanian Ensemble Network
Andrius Žiūra, clarinet
Edmundas Kulikauskas, cello
Albina Šikšniūtė, piano
Rusnė Mataitytė, violin
Benjamin Glorieux, cello
María Domínguez Pérez, piano

Vykintas Baltakas, artistic director
Centre Henri Pousseur, electronics

Since 1999, Centre Henri Pousseur - the Liège studio for electronic music founded in 1970 by Henri Pousseur and Pierre Bartholomée - organizes its annual festival "Images Sonores". Unique in its kind, the festival is almost entirely dedicated to mixed music, connecting instrumental and electronic sounds.

Last year, along with the many concerts at various locations in Liège, the festival premiered a concert evening in Brussels, at Flagey's sonorous Studio 1. Building on this success, the festival will be again hosted in Flagey this year.

The program builds bridges between music and technology and will be travelling between Wallonia and Lithuania, in the context of the 15th anniversary of the cooperation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the French Speaking Community of Belgium.

Flagey, Centre Henri Pousseur, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Kingdom of Belgium
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2017, 18 December Vilnius Town Hall (LT)
17 Nov. 2017, Žiežmariai (LT)
A.MALCYS - Keturi atspindžiai
R.MOTIEKAITIS - Intermezzo.Kinas
A.NAVICKAS - Habla con migo
O.BALAKAUSKAS - Concerto Claro
A.MALCYS - Erškėčių akys

Chordos string quartet
Ieva Sipaitytė (vln I)
Vaida Paukštienė (vln II)
Robertas Bliškevičius (vla)
Vita Šiugždinienė (vc)
Karolis Kolakauskas (cl)
Jonė Punytė (pno)

Chordos string quartet

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2017, 17-23 July, Kintai Music Festival
Workshops for composers and performers

July 19, Nida
(H.Lachenmann, St.Reich, Thierry de Mey, Jense-Peter Ostendorf)

July 22, Kintai, Workshop concert

July 23, Kintai, Ensemble Synaesthesis
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2017, 8 June, Vilnius Festival: Osvaldas Balakauskas’ Musical Odyssey
Thursday 8 June, 19.00 | Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius

ARCADA for chamber ensemble
STRING QUARTET NR. 5 (premiere)
ODYSSEY-2 for string orchestra
MOSAIC for solo accordion
ADAGIO CANTABILE for string orchestra
CONCERTO RK for violin and chamber orchestra

LENsemble Vilnius
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra
Chordos string quartet
Rusnė Mataitytė, violin
Raimondas Sviackevičius, accordion

Vykintas Baltakas, conductor
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2017, 27-30 April: Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2017 - Carte Blanche
Joint project of the Goethe Institutes Vilnius / Cairo

April 27, 2017, Goethe Institute Cairo

JUSTINA REPEČKAITĖ - Dumtakah (2017, premiere)
BUSHRA EL TURK - Eating Clouds
AMR OKBA - Utopia
VYKINTAS BALTAKAS - Music of falling sounds

April 30, 2017, Ewart Memorial Hall

HASSAN TAHA - The Dice Player
HIKARY KYIAMA - Doppelkonzert (2017, premiere)
BUSHRA EL TURK - Marionette
ZAD MOULTAKA - Cinq Haïkus

LENsemble & Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble
Vykintas Baltakas, conductor
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2016, 29 November - 1 December: Carte Blanche / Cairo in Vilnius
Joint project of the Goethe Institutes Vilnius / Cairo and LEN
29 November, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Egyptian Traditional Music (Workshop - concert)
Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble

1 December, 7 p.m., Vilnius Town Hall

BUSHRA EL TURK - Marionette
HASSAN TAHA - The Dice Player
AMR OKBA - Integration
AMR OKBA - Utopia
AHMED MADKOUR - White Shroud

LENsemble & Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble
Sherif el Razzaz (clarinet)
Andrius Žiūra (clarinet)
Vykintas Baltakas, conductor
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2016, 25 November: Palace of The Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius
VYKINTAS BALTAKAS - “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” (2013)
VYTAUTAS GERMANAVIČIUS - “Tirpstančiam ledynui” (2016, premiere)
VYTAUTAS LAURUŠAS - “Paukščių turgus” (2001-2)
ŽIBUOKLĖ MARTINAITYTĖ - “Odė džiaugsmui” (2004)
ONUTĖ NARBUTAITĖ - “Mozartsommer” (1991)
LORETA NARVILAITĖ - “Juodi - balti trumpėjantys garsai” (2005)

Vytautas Sriubikis (fl), Vaida Paukštienė (vln), Robertas Bliškevičius (vla), Vaiva Eidukaitytė-Storastienė (hps)
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2016, 15 November, Kaunas State Philharmonic
TAN DUN - Eight Colors
AMR OKBA - Utopia
KEVIN VOLANS - Hunting: Gathering
VIDMANTAS BARTULIS - Šauklys V | e Herald V (2016, premiere)
Anatolijus Šenderovas. … a er Shagall (2016)

Andrius Žiūra (solo clarinet)
Chordos String Quartet, St. Christopher Woodwind Quintet
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2016, 22 October, GAIDA festival, Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius
Music in Image & Image in Music

STEFAN PRINS - Piano Hero No. 1 (2011–2012) for MIDI-keyboard, live electronics and video
VYTAUTAS V. JURGUTIS - Telosferos (2016, premiere) for string instruments, live electronics and video
THIERRY DE MEY - Light Music (2002)
MATTHEW SHLOMOWITZ - Popular Contexts, Volume 2 (2010) for piano, sampler, voice and physical actions
MICHAEL BEIL - Karaoke Rebranng! (2006/2013) for 4 instruments with live video and audio
FRANÇOIS SARHAN - Ô Piano (2012) for a speaking pianist and pre-recorded sounds
ANATOLIJUS ŠENDEROVAS - ... afer Shagall (2016, premiere) or clarinet, string quartet and percussion

Stéphane Ginsburgh (pro, Belgija)
Andrius Žiūra (cl)
Ieva Sipaitytė, Vaida Paukštienė (vln), Robertas Bliškevičius (vla), Vita Šiugždinienė (vc), Marta Finkelštein (pon), Monika Kiknadzė (vla), Arminas Bižys (sax), Lukas Budzinauskas (pers.)
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2016, 19-20 October: Julius Juzeliūnas and the World
45th Baltic musicological conference
19 October, 5 p.m.
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Vilnius, J.Karosas Hall

JULIUS JUZELIŪNAS (1916–2001) - Melika (1973) for soprano and organ
Kviatkovskaja (sopr.), Milda Atminaitė (org.)

2016, 20 October, 6 p.m.
The Great Hall at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

HANNS EISLER (1898–1962)
14 Arten den Regen zu beschreiben op. 70 (1941) for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano

Ragamalika (1982) for flute, clarinet, oboe, horn and bassoon

JOHN CAGE (1912–1992)
Tossed as it is Untroubled (1943) for prepared piano

Styginių kvartetas Nr. 2 Hunting: Gathering

VITALI GODZIATSKI (Виталий Годзяцкий, g. 1936) Разрывы плоскостей (1963) for piano

EDISON DENISOV (Эдисoн Денисов, 1929–1996) Chamber Symphony No. 1 (1982) for ensemble

Indrė Baikštytė, Rytis Mataitis (pno)
Giedrius Gelgotas (fl), Ugnius Dičiūnas (ob), Andrius Žiūra (cl) Andrius Puplauskis (fg), Paulius Lukauskas (horn), Ieva Sipaitytė , Vaida Paukštienė (vln), Robertas Bliškevičius (vla), Vita Šiugždinienė (vc), Laurynas Lapė (tp), Marius Balčytis (trne), Sigitas Gailius (perc)
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2016: Mauricio Kagel concert trail, Brugge (BE) / Vilnius (LT)
12.3.2016 Concertgebouw Brugge (BE)
9.4.2016 Energy ant Technology Museum Vilnius (LT)

Mauricio Kagel is known as a composer with a keen sense of humour, provocative ideas and the daring to turn conventions upside down with his music. Die Stücke der Windrose is no exception to this rule. Musical references to local colour, clichés and even downright kitschy elements are uninhibitedly combined with more ‘modern’ sounding material. This is music written with imagination and relativising humour. And it invites the listener to experience that same imagination and playfulness. The same is true of Kantrimiusik, more or less Kagel’s Pastoral, with a thunder storm, birdsong, galloping horses and folk music. But, as usual in Kagel’s work, such elements are never simply illustrative: the work explores, parodies and comments on the various aspects of the pastoral. Kagel even invents his own ‘traditional folk music’. An evening which will bring many a smile to your face. Just as Kagel intended!

20 years of bilateral collaboration between Belgium and Lithuania

Die Stücke der Windrose

Het Collectief ensemble
Jauna Muzika Choir
Vykintas Baltakas, conductor
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2015: globaLT at the GAIDA Festival
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2015: Contemporary music from Ukraine
Stacks Image 1996
2015: Lithuanian - Serbian music exchange, Belgrade / Vilnius
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2014: John Woolrich & Philip Cashian, Vilnius
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2014: Wolfgang Rihm & Matthias Pintscher, Vilnius
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2013: Retro-Flective (Lithuanian Music 1960–1990), Vilnius
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2013: Portrait of Luciano Berio, Vilnius
Luciano Berio (1925-2003)
in cooperation with the festival of electronic music "Jauna muzika"
4 April, 2013, Vilnius (LT)

Sequenza III for voice solo (1965)
Air for soprano and ensemble (1970)
Naturale for viola, percussion and electronics (1985)
El mar la mar for soprano, mezzo soprano and ensemble (1952/1969)

O King for mezzo and ensemble (1968)
Lied for clarinet solo (1983)
Différences for ensemble and electronics (1958 - 1959)
Altra voce for mezzo, flute and live electronics (1999)

Giedrius Gelgotas, fl., Andrius Žiūra, cl., Andrius Žiūra, cl., Karolis Kolakauskas, cl.
Rima Chačaturian, pno., Raimondas Sviackevičius, acc.
Tomas Kulikauskas, perc., Vilija Gencevičiūtė, harp
Ieva Sipaitytė, vno., Robertas Bliškevičius, vla., Vita Šiugždinienė, vc., Danielius Rubinas, cb.

Rita Balta, soprano
Rita Mačiliūnaitė, mezzo

Vykintas Baltakas, cond.

* photo: Universal Edition / Eric Marinitsch
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2013: CANTIO, chamber opera by Vykintas Baltakas, Festival “Ultraschall” Berlin
New production by Kulturkontakte e.V., in cooperation with the Ultraschall Festival and Konzerthaus Berlin.
January 17, 19 and 20, 2013

Sharon Lynn Joyce, libretto
Cornelia Heger, stage dir.
Vivian Lüdorf, speaker
Margret Giglinger, sopr.
Florian Feth, tenor
Tobias Hagge, bass

Lithuanian Ensemble Network
Vykintas Baltakas, cond.

work info
photo: Martin Christopher Welker
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2012: Student Composer Competition at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
The competition is designed to encourage current composition students of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre to write works for professional instrumental ensemble.

The jury - Vykintas Baltakas, Šarūnas Nakas and Mindaugas Piečaitis - decided to support four young composers with encouragement award:

Julius Aglinskas
Dominykas Digimas
Matas Drukteinis
Agnė Mažulienė

Their pieces will be performed by the Lithuanian Ensemble Network during a workshop on 6 April 2013 in Vilnius.
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2012: Portrait of Bronius Kutavičius, Vilnius
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2011: Portrait of Gerhard Stäbler, Vilnius
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2010: Hör·Sinne: Hörschule für Erwachsene, Duisburg (DE)
Freitag, 10. September 2010
Folkwang Universität der Künste (Duisburg) / The European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010

Edita Medekšaitė - Panchami
Kunsu Shim - relations
Vykintas Baltakas - b(ell tree)
Gong Bobae - Fading
Gerhard Stäbler - Nachtstueck II

Vykintas Baltakas - Pasaka
Kunsu Shim - before
Banh Huiyoun - Memory, oblivion...
Remigijus Merkelys - Mikonst
Gerhard Stäbler - Nachtstueck IV

Chordos Quartett:
Ieva Sipaitytė, Violine
Dainius Puožiukas, Violine
Robertas Bliškevičius, Viola
Rūta Bagurskienė, Cello
Daumantas Kirilauskas, Klavier

Vykintas Baltakas, Elektronik und Leitung
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2009: ENSEMBL[:E:]UROPA 19, concert series of WDR Köln (DE)
ensembl[:E:]uropa 19: Lithuanian Ensemble Network

2.11.2009, Funkhaus Wallrafplatz, Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal

Osvaldas Balakauskas - Lietus Krokuvai/Rain for Cracow (1991)
Egidija Medekšaitė - Panchami (2006)
Loreta Narvilaitė - Your Eyelashes Touch the Lips of my Memories (2002)
Vykintas Baltakas - Ri (2007/2009)
Nomeda Valančiūtė - Narcizas/Narcissus (1986)
Sven-Ingo Koch - Cantus (2009), Premiere

Vykintas Baltakas - Pasaka/Ein Märchen (1995-97)
Bronius Kutavičius - Du paukščiai girių ūksmėj (1978) (Text: Rabindranath Tagore)

Rita Balta - Soprano
Lithuanian Ensemble Network
Ltg Vykintas Baltakas
Moderation: Patrick Hahn

WDR 3 live